Connections (now SideLinks)

A uniquely engaging and often hilarious word game that connects people.
For home, school, game night, ESL, even office team-building.
Connections is SOLD OUT but replaced with SideLinks

How To Play


Canada Connections

Animal Connections

Other Connections

Besides publishing the Connections games, Brainy Games designs and lasercuts all sorts of customizable games, puzzles, brainteasers and "artifacts" for your home, school and office.

Brainy Games

Classic Connections

Classic Connections is the original game. It has 124 cards with 496 generic words. Over 1,800 copies of the Classic Connections game have been sold since 2016. So many in fact that the original game is "sold out". However, it has been recreated as "SideLinks". Same game, more cards, bigger cards. Available at stores worldwide.

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Canada (150) Connections

Canada (150) Connections was created in 2017 to honour Canada's 150th birthday. With 150 cards and 600 bilingual words related to Canada, the game covers myriad Canadian topics.

The game comes with an online parent and teacher guide which explains the connections.

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School Connections

School Connections allows kids to match items found at school with simple words. This magnetic game plays well on a white boards.

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Animal Connections

Animal Connections has 140 magnetic tiles with pictures of animals and their attributes. Children match tiles through myriad relationships.

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Caribbean Connections

A magnetic game of matching countries, flags and resources.

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World Connections

Magnetic World Connection games cover countries, flags and resources on different continents. European Connections has 100+ tiles.

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How To Play

Connection games are all about connecting related words. Plays like a cross between Scrabble™ and Dominoes.

Connect words on sides of cards. All connected words must have something in common. View the latest PDF instructions or View Full Set. Connections are the commonalities, associations or relationships between two words.

Common attributes like

Direct associations like

Common categories like
BANANA and PEACH (both are fruits)
RAT and MOUSE (both are rodents)

Compound words or phrases like

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Where to Purchase

SideLinks and Canada Connections is sold locally in the GTA, Muskoka and online as well as the Aurora Farmers' Market. Contact Mark for local pickup and delivery north of Toronto (Aurora, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, King, Bradford). You may always purchase through Etsy. Join the fun - over 1,000 copies of all Connections versions have been sold since 2016.